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/*! \page interFMM Kernel Independent FMM
* In this section, we briefly discuss the
* In this section, we briefly discuss the Interpolation FAst Multipole method.
* \section general
* \section General
* \section MatrixKernel
The interpolation fast multipole method
*The method was introduced by Fong and Alt[1] for Chebyshev interpolation and was extended to regularly spaced points in[2,3].
For interpolation based on Chebyshev polynomials, in[4] important optimizations are proposed reducing complexity and computation time (pre-calculation, compression M2L operator, ...)
*<li><a href=" 10.1016/">Fong, W., & Darve, E. (2009). The black-box fast multipole method. Journal of Computational Physics, 228(23), 8712–8725.</a></li>
* <li> Fast hierarchical algorithms for generating Gaussian random fields. Pierre Blanchard, Olivier Coulaud, Eric Darve, Research Report 8811 (<a href=""></a>)</li>
*<li>Pierre Blanchard. Fast hierarchical algorithms for the low-rank approximation of matrices, with applications to materials physics, geostatistics and data analysis. PhD of Université de Bordeaux, 2017. <a href=""></a> </li>
*<li>Optimized M2L Kernels for the Chebyshev Interpolation based Fast Multipole Method, Matthias Messner; Berenger Bramas; Olivier Coulaud ; Eric Darve
<a href="">Research Report</a>, 2012</li>
* \section Example
* In this part we will run a simulation with Chebyshev orequispaced points:
* Examples/LagrangeInterpolationFMM.cpp equispaced points also called uniform or Lagrange points/interpolation
* Examples/ChebyshevInterpolationFMM.cpp Chebyshev interpolation
*With the Interpolation kernel, the accuracy parameter, ORDER for this kernel is set to 7. The different options of these drivers are
Examples/Release/ChebyshevInterpolationFMM -help
Examples/Release/ChebyshevInterpolationFMM : Driver for Chebyshev interpolation kernel (1/r kernel).
*>> Here is the list of the parameters you can pass to this application :
* -show-compile, --show-compile, --flags,
* To have the list of flags and lib linked to scalfmm.
* -show-info, --show-host, --datehost,
* To have to print the current host and the execution date.
* -show-param, --show-param, -show-params, --show-params,
* To print out the paremeters passed to the command line.
* -f, -fin, --input-filename, -filename,
* To give an input file.
* -h, --height, -depth,
* The number of levels in the octree (at least 2 for the root and the leaves).
* -sh, --sub-height, -subdepth,
* The number of allocated levels in the sub octree.
* -f, -fin, --input-filename, -filename,
* To give an input file.
* -t, -nbthreads,
* To choose the number of threads.
To run the simulation on particles in my2kkpartfile.fma file with the Chebyshev interpoaltion and an octree of high 5 with 10 threads, launch the following command
Examples/Release/ChebyshevInterpolationFMM -f my2kkpartfile.fma -depth 5 -subdepth 3 -t 10
* \section MatrixKernel
* \subsection AddKernel How add a new Matrix Kernel
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