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* \section driver Drivers
* <a href="../html/files.html"> Here</a> some drivers.
\subsection drivers From Examples repository
<li>DirectComputation Direct computation between particles (N^2 algorithm). </li>
<li>ChebyshevInterpolationFMM FMM on Chebyshev grid points.</li>
<li>LagrangeInterpolationFMM FMM on equispaced grid points</li>
<li>ChebyshevInterpolationMPIFMM MPI-FMM on Chebyshev grid points..</li>
<li>RotationFMM FMM with spherical harmonics expansion with rotation.</li>
<li>RotationMPIFMM MPI-FMM with spherical harmonics expansion with rotation..</li>
<li>generateDistributions driver to generate particles distribution.</li>
<li>CutOffAlgorithm Cutoff algorithm.</li>
<li>changeFmaFormat driver to manage our input/output format..</li>
\section example_from_test Examples from Tests
\section example_from_test Examples from Tests
\subsection tests_utils From Tests/Utils
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