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Other labels

  • !!-broken-ci
    Some CI pipeline on dev is not working, or some CI slave is not working properly
  • client
    Anything related to the client (generally about JS/CSS)
  • Accessibility of the client (eg. color blindness, visual impairment, keyboard shortcuts…)
  • Sequence aligner in the web application (called 'segmenter' before)
  • About the .analysis file storing user modifications on the sample
  • client-api
    API to access client features
  • Autocompletion in the client (to fill sample set names, hashtags…)
  • client-axis
    About axes on plots (either grid, bar or graphs)
  • client-bar
    The bar plot
  • About the Vidjil view that displays a list of clones
  • About the clustering that can be manual or automatic in the client
  • About the color methods in the client
  • client-custom
    Personnalisation du client par usager et/ou par site
  • About the client part (database.js) that interacts with the server
  • client-design
    Design for the client