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Cleanup/getoncpu flush

This PR removes:

  • RUNTIME_desc_getoncpu[_async]() functions
  • MORSE_TASK_flush_[all|desc|data]( options, ... ) functions
  • MORSE_Desc_Getoncpu()

And adds:

  • RUNTIME_desc_flush( desc, sequence) that flushes and brings back to cpu asynchronously a full descriptor
  • RUNTIME_data_flush( sequence, A, m, n) that flushes the piece of data A(m,n) and brings it back to the cpu if needed.
  • RUNTIME_flush() that flushes all caches, but should be useless as we need to flush all descriptors used in the algorithms.
  • MORSE_Desc_Flush( desc, sequence) to replace MORSE_Desc_Getoncpu( desc ) that was synchronous

All algorithms have been updated to use those new functions.

Edited by Mathieu Faverge

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