Commit 4b84d1ed authored by Quentin Khan's avatar Quentin Khan

Add separate symbolic data structure for the tree.

Following the recent changes, kernel data has been split into multipole
and local development data. A kernel also needs some symbolic data about
the tree node it is working on. This data is very generic and should
therefore not be reimplemented each time.

As of this commit, the adaptive tree passes FSymbolicData objects
(introduced by this commit) to kernels; the uniform tree passes the
kernel cell which inherits from FBasicParticle.

The two trees should use the same structure in the future.
parent 8e1ac20d
#include <cstdlib>
#include "Utils/FGlobal.hpp"
#include "Utils/Contribs/inria/logic.hpp"
#include "Containers/FTreeCoordinate.hpp"
/** \brief Node structural data
* Keeps data about the node that may be read by kernels or algorithms.
struct FSymbolicData {
/// Node depth in its tree
int depth;
/// Node index in parent child array
std::size_t m_idx;
void setLevel(int value) noexcept {
this->depth = value;
int getLevel() const noexcept {
return this->depth;
void setMortonIndex(MortonIndex value) noexcept {
this->m_idx = value;
MortonIndex getMortonIndex() const noexcept {
return this->m_idx;
void setCoordinate(const FTreeCoordinate& coord) noexcept {
this->m_idx = coord.getMortonIndex();
FTreeCoordinate getCoordinate() const noexcept {
return FTreeCoordinate(this->m_idx);
friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const FSymbolicData& d) {
return (os << '{' << "\"depth\":" <<d.depth << ',' << "\"index\":" << d.m_idx << '}');
namespace inria {
struct any_t {};
#error "MAKE_HAS_METHOD_TRAIT macro is already set..."
#define MAKE_HAS_METHOD_TRAIT(method_name_to_be_checked) \
template<class T, class Signature> \
struct has_method_##method_name_to_be_checked; \
template<class T, class Ret, class... Args> \
struct has_method_##method_name_to_be_checked<T, Ret(Args...)> { \
template<class U, \
class R = decltype(std::declval<U>().method_name_to_be_checked(std::declval<Args>()...)), \
class = typename std::enable_if< \
std::conditional<std::is_same<inria::any_t, Ret>::value, \
std::true_type, \
std::is_convertible<R, Ret>>::type::value>::type \
> \
static constexpr bool check(U*){return true;} \
static constexpr bool check(...){return false;} \
enum {value = check(static_cast<T*>(nullptr))}; \
namespace scalfmm {
namespace meta {
template<class T>
struct has_type_symbolic_data_t {
template<class U, class = typename U::symbolic_data_t>
static constexpr bool check(U*) {return true;}
static constexpr bool check(...) {return false;}
enum {value = check(static_cast<T*>(nullptr))};
template<class Default, class T, bool = has_type_symbolic_data_t<T>::value>
struct extract_symbolic_data_t_or_fallback_to_default {
using type = Default;
template<class Default, class T>
struct extract_symbolic_data_t_or_fallback_to_default<Default, T, true> {
using type = typename T::symbolic_data_t;
template<class T>
struct models_symbolic_data {
template<class U,
class = inria::require<
scalfmm::meta::has_method_getLevel<const T, inria::any_t()>,
scalfmm::meta::has_method_getCoordinate<const T, FTreeCoordinate()>,
scalfmm::meta::has_method_getMortonIndex<const T, inria::any_t()>
static constexpr bool check(U*) {return true;}
static constexpr bool check(...) {return false;}
enum {value = check(static_cast<T*>(nullptr))};
#endif /* _FSYMBOLICDATA_HPP_ */
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