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Commit 8e1ac20d authored by Quentin Khan's avatar Quentin Khan

Add a few metaprogramming logic operations

Add a fast metaprogramming implementations of negation, conjuntion and
parent ad854409
#ifndef _LOGIC_HPP_
#define _LOGIC_HPP_
#include <type_traits>
namespace inria {
* \brief Negate the compile time value of the given type
* \tparam B Type which value to negate
template<class B>
struct negation {
/// not B::value
enum {value = !B::value};
namespace details {
template<bool...> struct bool_t{};
* \brief Conjunction of compile time boolean values
* \tparam Bs Types which values to multiply
* This implementation relies on the fact that the conjunction will be true
* if and only if all values are true. Two types are generated from the
* values: `bool_t<true, values...>` and `bool_t<values..., true>`. The
* value is the result of the comparison of these types.
* This method is a lot faster and size resilient than recursive or
* constexpr functions.
template<class... Bs>
struct conjunction {
enum {
value = std::is_same<details::bool_t<true, Bs::value...>,
details::bool_t<Bs::value..., true>>::value
* \brief Disjunction of compile time boolean values
template<class... Bs>
using disjunction = negation<conjunction<negation<Bs...>>>;
using require = typename std::enable_if<inria::conjunction<Ts...>::value>::type;
#endif /* _LOGIC_HPP_ */
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