Commit ced3e88e authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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Cleaner exception handle

parent d23c0db0
......@@ -596,12 +596,13 @@ class CLUnfolder(object):
MODIFIES __lit_cpt for numbering of auxiliary variables (not coding)
if self.__locked:
mess = "Trying to compile property while unfolder is locked"
raise MCLException(mess)
reporter =
symb_t = self.__dyn_sys.symb_tab
raise MCLException("Trying to compile property while unfolder is locked")
# syntax analyser and type checker
tree_prop = compile_cond(property_text, symb_t, reporter)
# property_text, symb_t, reporter
tree_prop = compile_cond(property_text,
# avoid name collisions of aux var
prop_visitor = CLPropertyVisitor(self.__lit_cpt)
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