Commit cef795db authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Avoid double-colon rules when modifying variables of single-colon rules.

parent 64c1741e
......@@ -247,12 +247,12 @@ endif
# hide deprecated warnings for strings
src/util/strings.cmo:: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-3
src/util/strings.cmx:: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-3
src/util/strings.cmo: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-3
src/util/strings.cmx: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-3
# hide warning 'no cmx file was found in path for module ..., and its interface was not compiled with -opaque' for the coq tactic
src/coq-tactic/why3tac.cmx:: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-58
src/coq-tactic/why3tac.cmx: WARNINGS:=$(WARNINGS)-58
# build targets
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