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Commit 64c1741e authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Perform transitive reduction of dependency graph.

parent 04e4fbf7
......@@ -1780,7 +1780,8 @@ apidot: doc/apidoc/dg.svg doc/apidoc/dg.png
doc/apidoc/ doc/apidoc $(FILESTODOC)
$(OCAMLDOC) -o doc/apidoc/ -dot $(INCLUDES) \
sed -e "s/ \(size\|ratio\|rotate\|fontsize\).*$$//" doc/apidoc/ > doc/apidoc/
sed -e "s/ \(size\|ratio\|rotate\|fontsize\).*$$//" doc/apidoc/ \
| tred > doc/apidoc/
rm -f doc/apidoc/
doc/apidoc/dg.svg: doc/apidoc/
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