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Infer-loop: flag to print AI domains for loops

parent 2e40f163
......@@ -12,6 +12,9 @@ let infer_print_cfg =
let infer_print_ai_result =
Debug.register_flag "infer-print-ai-result" ~desc:"Print result of Abstract Interpretation"
let print_domains_loop =
Debug.register_flag "print-domains-loop" ~desc:"Print domains in loops"
module type INFERCFG = sig
module QDom : Domain.TERM_DOMAIN
......@@ -617,9 +620,9 @@ module Make(E: sig
List.iter (fun (vtx, abs) ->
let t = QDom.to_term manpk abs in
printf "acc(%i) -> %a@." vtx Pretty.print_term t) l;
if Debug.test_flag print_domains_loop then begin
(* Print loop invariants *)
Format.printf "Loop invariants:@.";
List.iter (fun (expr, cp) ->
let abs = PSHGraph.attrvertex output cp in
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