Pdf documentation depends on use API's examples

parent 6e49c203
......@@ -1907,12 +1907,12 @@ update-doc-png:
export GTK_THEME=Adwaita; \
sed -n -e 's/^.. %EXECUTE \(.*\)/\1/p' $(DOCRST) | $(SHELL) -e
TESTSAPI = $(addsuffix .ml, $(addprefix examples/use_api/, $(APITESTS)))
TESTSAPIDOC = $(addsuffix .ml, $(addprefix examples/use_api/, $(APITESTS)))
doc/html/index.html: $(DOCRST) $(DRVDOT) $(LIBDOT) $(TESTSAPI) doc/conf.py
doc/html/index.html: $(DOCRST) $(DRVDOT) $(LIBDOT) $(TESTSAPIDOC) doc/conf.py
$(SPHINX) -b html -d doc/.doctrees doc doc/html
doc/latex/manual.tex: $(DOCRST) $(DRVDOT) $(LIBDOT) doc/conf.py
doc/latex/manual.tex: $(DOCRST) $(DRVDOT) $(LIBDOT) $(TESTSAPIDOC) doc/conf.py
$(SPHINX) -b latex -d doc/.doctrees doc doc/latex
ifeq (@enable_pdf_doc@,yes)
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