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......@@ -777,9 +777,9 @@ clean::
MODULESTODOC = util/util \
core/ident core/ty core/term core/decl core/theory \
core/env core/task \
driver/whyconf driver/driver \
transform/introduction \
driver/whyconf driver/driver
# transform/introduction \
# ide/db
FILESTODOC = $(addsuffix .mli, $(addprefix src/, $(MODULESTODOC)))
......@@ -107,12 +107,10 @@ Report any bug to the Why3 Bug Tracking System:
% \section*{Acknowledgements}
% We gratefully thank all the people who contributed to this document:
% Germain Faure
% Johannes Kanig
% Simão Melo de Sousa
We gratefully thank the people who contributed to Why3: Simon Cruanes,
Johannes Kanig, St\'ephane Lescuyer, Sim\~ao Melo de Sousa.
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