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The classical example of the Scottish private club puzzle
The club follows six rules:
- every non-scottish members wear red socks
- every member wears a kilt or doesn't wear socks
- the married members don't go out on sunday
- a member goes out on sunday if and only if he is scottish
- every member who wears a kilt is scottish and married
- every scottish member wears a kilt
Problem: prove that there is nobody in this club !
theory ScottishClubProblem "the Scottish private club puzzle"
type member
logic is_scottish member
logic wears_red_socks member
logic wears_kilt member
logic is_married member
logic goes_out_on_sunday member
axiom R1: forall m:member. not (is_scottish m) -> wears_red_socks m
axiom R2: forall m:member. wears_kilt m or not (wears_red_socks m)
axiom R3: forall m:member. is_married m -> not (goes_out_on_sunday m)
axiom R4: forall m:member. goes_out_on_sunday m <-> is_scottish m
axiom R5: forall m:member. wears_kilt m -> is_scottish m and is_married m
axiom R6: forall m:member. is_scottish m -> wears_kilt m
goal ThereIsNobodyInTheClub: false
theory TestProp
logic a
logic b
goal Test1: a and b -> a
theory TestInt
use import int.Int
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