Nous avons procédé ce jeudi matin 08 avril 2021 à une MAJ de sécurité urgente. Nous sommes passé de la version 13.9.3 à la version 13.9.5 les releases notes correspondantes sont ici:

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    new tool why3wc · c365d67b
    Jean-Christophe Filliâtre authored
    counts lines/tokens in Why3 files
    distinguishes spec (logic declarations and annotations) and code
    reports the ratio spec/code with command line option -f
    example: why3wc -f examples/*.mlw
    see why3wc --help for more details
    note: why3wc assumes that input files are lexically well-formed
    it also makes some approximations (switching from spec to code and
    conversely is only done when there is a blank line in the middle)
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