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Add new simulation allocation flag: UNIQUE

LEANDRO NESI Lucas requested to merge (removed):simulation_malloc_unique into master

This provides a new flag (STARPU_MALLOC_SIMULATION_UNIQUE) for function starpu_malloc_flags() to indicate that when StarPU is using simgrid, the allocation for a block of a particular size could be unique, i.e., instead of using SIMGRID_SHARED_MALLOC per block allocation, and generating a new ptr mapped to the same region, actually provide the same ptr. This removes some pressure from kernel memory management.

Different from only STARPU_MALLOC_SIMULATION_FOLDED, the same address will be given for all mallocs of that particular size.

Some differences using 9 homogeneous nodes with Chameleon LU:


With even a small improvement in real-life simulation time. And generate the same simulated execution:


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