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Add more priorities/options to data requests

Lucas Nesi requested to merge data_requests_more_prio into master


  • Do changes on data requests traces
  • Add priorities on data requests from MPI
    • By adding priority to starpu_data_acquire_on_node_cb_sequential_consistency_sync_jobids
    • By adding new function starpu_mpi_irecv_detached_prio
  • Add option (STARPU_MPI_EARLYDATA_ALLOCATE) to MPI driver to do early data request allocations and do not block too much.
  • Add option (STARPU_CUDA_ONLY_FAST_ALLOC_OTHER_MEMNODES) to CUDA workers do not do slow allocations on other memnodes (RAM pinned memory allocations)
    • During the beginning of the execution the CUDA workers will not be slowed down.
  • Removes datawizard_progress from fetch_data_on_node as it can fail.
  • Add priorities on data requests from _starpu_fetch_task_input

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