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Commit 4feffe1c authored by THIBAULT Samuel's avatar THIBAULT Samuel

document genericity of data support

parent c380ce72
......@@ -184,6 +184,16 @@ v1.0) as well as
automatically determine which version is best for each input size (new in v0.9).
The StarPU programming interface is very generic. For intance, various data
structures are supported mainline (vectors, dense matrices, CSR matrices, ...),
but application-specific data structures can also be supported, provided that
the application describes how data is to be transfered (e.g. a series of
contiguous blocks). That was for instance used for hierarchically-compressed
matrices (h-matrices).
<h4>Data transfers</h4>
To relieve programmers from the burden of explicit data transfers, a high-level
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