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Commit 96819268 authored by Mathieu Faverge's avatar Mathieu Faverge

Fix Issue #70

parent 69d821d3
...@@ -1015,10 +1015,8 @@ add_subdirectory(runtime) ...@@ -1015,10 +1015,8 @@ add_subdirectory(runtime)
enable_testing() enable_testing()
include(CTest) include(CTest)
# Necessary to compile executables (temporary) # Necessary to compile C executables linked with ifort
# should use SystemDetection.cmake module? if(${CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER_ID} STREQUAL "Intel")
string(REGEX MATCH ".*ifort$" _match_ifort ${CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER})
message(STATUS "Add -nofor_main to the Fortran linker (Intel compiler)") message(STATUS "Add -nofor_main to the Fortran linker (Intel compiler)")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -nofor_main") set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS} -nofor_main")
endif(_match_ifort) endif(_match_ifort)
Subproject commit 7ad2afcef2901aa04c772369b3aa0deb4da9158b Subproject commit 621a15b8241717f9e8eb5774eadcb6b6d394e99a
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