Commit e9628ac2 authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier

Remove the cppcheck call due to timeout on VM

parent d98c38b6
...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ export SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE="Src Examples" ...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ export SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE="Src Examples"
# run cppcheck analysis # run cppcheck analysis
# commented for now because too long # commented for now because too long
cppcheck -v -f --language=c++ --platform=unix64 --enable=all --xml --xml-version=2 --suppress=missingIncludeSystem -ISrc -IBuild/Src ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} 2> scalfmm-cppcheck.xml #cppcheck -v -f --language=c++ --platform=unix64 --enable=all --xml --xml-version=2 --suppress=missingIncludeSystem -ISrc -IBuild/Src ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} 2> scalfmm-cppcheck.xml
# run rats analysis # run rats analysis
rats -w 3 --xml ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} > scalfmm-rats.xml rats -w 3 --xml ${SOURCES_TO_ANALYZE} > scalfmm-rats.xml
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