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Commit d788be62 authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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Add a way to test using particles from random or file

parent 1616e898
......@@ -80,19 +80,28 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
// Get params
const int NbLevels = FParameters::getValue(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::OctreeHeight.options, 5);
const int groupSize = FParameters::getValue(argc,argv,LocalOptionBlocSize.options, 250);
const char* const filename = FParameters::getStr(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::InputFile.options, "../Data/test20k.fma");
// Load the particles
//FRandomLoader loader(FParameters::getValue(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::NbParticles.options, 20), 1.0, FPoint(0,0,0), 0);
FRandomLoader loader(FParameters::getValue(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::NbParticles.options, 2000), 1.0, FPoint(0,0,0), 0);
const char* const filename = FParameters::getStr(argc,argv,FParameterDefinitions::InputFile.options, "../Data/test20k.fma");
FFmaGenericLoader loader(filename);
FTic timer;
FP2PParticleContainer<> allParticles;
for(int idxPart = 0 ; idxPart < loader.getNumberOfParticles() ; ++idxPart){
FReal physicalValue;
FPoint particlePosition;
FReal physicalValue;
physicalValue = 0.10;
loader.fillParticle(&particlePosition, &physicalValue);
allParticles.push(particlePosition, physicalValue);
std::cout << "Particles loaded in " << timer.tacAndElapsed() << "s\n";
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