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Commit b0c0c5a1 authored by PIACIBELLO Cyrille's avatar PIACIBELLO Cyrille
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Minor changes in C API for ditributed version

parent 56f3d16f
......@@ -637,6 +637,24 @@ public:
void apply_on_cell(Callback_apply_on_cell function){
double boxwidth = octreeDist->getBoxWidth();
//apply user function reset on each user's cell
octreeDist->forEachCellWithLevel([&](CoreCell * currCell,const int currLevel){
FTreeCoordinate currCoord = currCell->getCoordinate();
int arrayCoord[3] = {currCoord.getX(),currCoord.getY(),currCoord.getZ()};
MortonIndex currMorton = currCoord.getMortonIndex(currLevel);
double position[3];
FPoint<FReal> boxC = this->getBoxCorner();
position[0] = boxC.getX() + currCoord.getX()*boxwidth/double(1<<currLevel);
position[1] = boxC.getY() + currCoord.getY()*boxwidth/double(1<<currLevel);
position[2] = boxC.getZ() + currCoord.getZ()*boxwidth/double(1<<currLevel);
void apply_on_each_leaf(Callback_apply_on_leaf function){
FUserKernelEngine<FReal,LeafClass>::template generic_apply_on_each_leaf<ContainerClass,CoreCellDist>(octreeDist,kernel->getUserKernelDatas(),function);
......@@ -361,7 +361,7 @@ public:
this->octree = new OctreeClass(TreeHeight,FMath::Min(3,TreeHeight-1),BoxWidth,FPoint<FReal>(BoxCenter));
void apply_on_cell(Callback_apply_on_cell function){
virtual void apply_on_cell(Callback_apply_on_cell function){
double boxwidth = octree->getBoxWidth();
//apply user function reset on each user's cell
octree->forEachCellWithLevel([&](CoreCell * currCell,const int currLevel){
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