Commit a239233d authored by Martin Khannouz's avatar Martin Khannouz Committed by Berenger Bramas

Disable load file in testBlockedImplicitChebyshev.cpp

parent f0ed6c27
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ using namespace std;
typedef FStarPUCpuWrapper<typename GroupOctreeClass::CellGroupClass, GroupCellClass, GroupKernelClass, typename GroupOctreeClass::ParticleGroupClass, GroupContainerClass> GroupCpuWrapper;
typedef FGroupTaskStarPUImplicitAlgorithm<GroupOctreeClass, typename GroupOctreeClass::CellGroupClass, GroupKernelClass, typename GroupOctreeClass::ParticleGroupClass, GroupCpuWrapper > GroupAlgorithm;
#define LOAD_FILE
//#define LOAD_FILE
#ifndef LOAD_FILE
typedef FRandomLoader<FReal> LoaderClass;
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