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Add gnu plot script for stats

parent 7a215591
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ class TestBuilder : public FUTester<TestBuilder> {
FAlgorithmBuilder::SimulationProperties properties = FAlgorithmBuilder::BuildKernelSimulationProperties(height,center,dim,true);
uassert(properties.dimOfBox != dim);
uassert(properties.height != height);
uassert(properties.height != height);
FAbstractAlgorithm*const algo = FAlgorithmBuilder::BuildAlgorithm<OctreeClass, CellClass, ContainerClass, KernelClass, LeafClass>(&tree, &kernel, 0, true);
#ifndef ScalFMM_USE_MPI
set key off
set border 3
# Add a vertical dotted line at x=0 to show centre (mean) of distribution.
set yzeroaxis
# Each bar is half the (visual) width of its x-range.
set boxwidth 0.05 absolute
set style fill solid 1.0 noborder
bin_width = 0.1;
bin_number(x) = floor(x/bin_width)
rounded(x) = bin_width * ( bin_number(x) + 0.5 )
set xlabel "Radius"
set ylabel "Number of Particles"
set terminal postscript enhanced color 'Helvetica' 20
set output 'plummerHistogramme.eps'
plot 'output.txt' using (rounded($1)):(1) smooth frequency with boxes
\ No newline at end of file
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