Commit 0cbe1ec4 authored by Samuel Pitoiset's avatar Samuel Pitoiset
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cmake: allow to enable tasks priority (KStar/StarPU compiler only)

parent 12460cdb
......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ if (MORSE_DISTRIB_DIR OR EXISTS "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/CMakeModules/morse/")
option( SCALFMM_USE_EZTRACE "Set to ON to compile with eztrace framwork" OFF )
option( OPENMP_SUPPORT_COMMUTE "Set to ON to let tasks commute (KSTAR/StarPU compiler only)" OFF )
option( OPENMP_SUPPORT_PRIORITY "Set to ON to enable tasks priority (KSTAR/StarPU compiler only)" OFF )
option( SCALFMM_USE_STARPU "Set to ON to build SCALFMM with StarPU" OFF )
option( SCALFMM_BUILD_UTILS "Set to ON to build utils Tests" OFF )
option( SCALFMM_DISABLE_NATIVE_OMP4 "Set to ON to disable the gcc/intel omp4" OFF )
......@@ -120,4 +120,10 @@ const std::string SCALFMMCompileLibs("@SCALFMM_COMPILE_LIBS@");
// To use priority for KSTAR OMP4
#endif // CONFIG_H
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