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Fix Markdown typo.

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......@@ -68,15 +68,15 @@ __NOTE__: It is possible to use the notebooks directly from some IDEs like [VSCo
It is possible to execute the notebooks from a Docker machine by simply typing:
docker run -v $PWD:/home/formation/gettingstartedwithmoderncpp -p 8888:8888 registry.gitlab.inria.fr/formations/cpp/gettingstartedwithmoderncpp/xeus-cling:latest
docker run -v $PWD:/home/formation/gettingstartedwithmoderncpp -p 8888:8888 registry.gitlab.inria.fr/formations/cpp/gettingstartedwithmoderncpp/xeus-cling-and-compilers:latest
Then just type [http://localhost:8888/](http://localhost:8888/) in your browser.
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