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Currently CI is used to generate Docker images related to the training.
These images are created through the Gitlab Web interface:
- Go to CI/CD and choose Run Pipeline.
- Fill a field _TAG_ and put the name of the tag to associate to the image.
- Fill a field _UPDATE_LATEST_TAG_ if you want the _latest_ tag to be updated with the image being created here. This field is optional - if not filled the _latest_ tag won't be modified.
......@@ -84,3 +84,8 @@ Then just type [http://localhost:8888/](http://localhost:8888/) in your browser.
### BinderHub
A link to a BinderHub instance is given at the top of the project page; foresee few minutes to set up properly the notebooks.
## For maintainers
Informations related to CI are [here](
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