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[dev] Command line options + download 'oarnodes -Y' with ssh

parent 5f994c4e
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ def get_node_properties(cluster_uid, cluster, node_uid, node)
h['max_walltime'] = node['supported_job_types']['max_walltime'] || 0
return h
......@@ -190,11 +190,42 @@ def oarcmd_set_node_properties(host, properties)
return command
# '
# Get the OAR properties from the OAR scheduler
# This is only needed for the -d option
def oarcmd_get_nodelist_properties(site_uid, filename=nil)
oarnodes_yaml = ""
if filename and File.exist?(filename)
# Read oar properties from file
puts "Read 'oarnodes -Y' from #{filename}"
oarnodes_yaml =, 'rb') { |f| }
# Download the oar properties from the oar server
puts "Downloading 'oarnodes -Y' from oar.#{site_uid}.g5kadmin ..."
Net::SSH.start("oar.#{site_uid}.g5kadmin", 'g5kadmin', :keys => ['~/.ssh/id_rsa_g5k', '~/.ssh/']) do |ssh|
# capture all stderr and stdout output from a remote process
oarnodes_yaml = ssh.exec!('oarnodes -Y')
# puts output
puts "... done"
def oarcmd_get_nodelist_properties()
# Get the current OAR properties from the OAR scheduler
h = YAML.load_file('../../JG/nancy-oarnodes.yaml')
if filename
# Cache the file
puts "Save 'oarnodes -Y' as #{filename}"
File.write(filename, oarnodes_yaml)
# Load the YAML file into an hashtable
h = YAML.load(oarnodes_yaml)
# Format convertion: use host as keys of the hash (instead of id)
h = {|k, v| v['type'] == 'default' ? [v['host'].split('.').first, v] : [nil, nil] }.to_h
return h
......@@ -6,180 +6,127 @@ require 'fileutils'
require 'pathname'
require 'json'
require 'time'
require 'yaml'
require 'hashdiff'
require 'optparse'
require 'net/ssh'
require '../oar-properties/lib/lib-oar-properties'
require '../lib/input_loader'
# Output directory
refapi_path = "/tmp/data"
options = {}
options[:sites] = %w{grenoble lille luxembourg lyon nantes reims rennes sophia}
options[:diff] = false
#global_hash = JSON.parse(
#global_hash = load_yaml_file_hierarchy("../../input/example/")
global_hash = load_yaml_file_hierarchy("../../input/grid5000/") do |opts|
opts.banner = "Usage: oar-properties.rb [options]"
class Hash
# sort a hash according to the position of the key in the array
def sort_by_array(array)
Hash[sort_by{|key, _| array.index(key) || length}]
opts.separator ""
opts.separator "Example: ruby oar-properties.rb -v -s nancy -d oarnodes-%s.yaml -o"
opts.separator ""
opts.separator "Filters:"
# Write pretty and sorted JSON files
def write_json(filepath, data)
def rec_sort(h)
case h
when Array{|v| rec_sort(v)}#.sort_by!{|v| (v.to_s rescue nil) }
when Hash
Hash[Hash[{|k,v| [rec_sort(k),rec_sort(v)]}].sort_by{|k,v| [(k.to_s rescue nil), (v.to_s rescue nil)]}]
opts.on('-s', '--sites a,b,c', Array, 'Select site(s)',
"Default: "+options[:sites].join(", ")) do |s|
options[:sites] = s
end, 'w') do |f|
opts.on('-c', '--clusters a,b,c', Array, 'Select clusters(s). Default: all') do |s|
options[:clusters] = s
# Parse network equipment description and return switch name and port connected to given node
# In the network description, if the node interface is given (using "port" attribute),
# the interface parameter must be used.
def net_switch_port_lookup(site, node_uid, interface='')
site["net-links"].each do |switch_uid, switch| # TODO: rename net-links<->network
#pp switch_uid
switch["linecards"].each do |lc_uid,lc|
lc["ports"].each do |port_uid,port|
if port.is_a?(Hash)
switch_remote_port = port["port"] || lc["port"] || ""
switch_remote_uid = port["uid"]
switch_remote_port = lc["port"] || ""
switch_remote_uid = port
if switch_remote_uid == node_uid and switch_remote_port == interface
# Build port name from snmp_naming_pattern
# Example: '3 2 GigabitEthernet%LINECARD%/%PORT%' -> 'GigabitEthernet3/2'
port_name = lc["snmp_pattern"].sub("%LINECARD%",lc_uid.to_s).sub("%PORT%",port_uid.to_s)
return switch_uid, port_name
opts.on('-n', '--nodes a,b,c', Array, 'Select nodes(s). Default: all') do |n|
options[:nodes] = n
return nil
global_hash["sites"].each do |site_uid, site|
pp site_uid
# pp site
site["clusters"].each do |cluster_uid, cluster|
pp cluster_uid
opts.separator ""
opts.separator "Output options:"
cluster_path ="sites",site_uid,"clusters",cluster_uid)
opts.on('-o', '--output', 'Output oarnodesetting command into a file. Default: stdout') do |o|
options[:output] = o
# Write cluster info w/o nodes entries
cluster["type"] = "cluster"
cluster["uid"] = cluster_uid
# On the previous version of this script, cluster["created_ad"] was generated from a Ruby Time. cluster["created_ad"] is now a Ruby Date at JSON import.
# As Date.httpdate and Time.httpdate does not behave the same with timezone, it is converted here as a Ruby time.
cluster["created_at"] = Time.parse(cluster["created_at"].to_s).httpdate
cluster.reject {|k, v| k == "nodes"})
opts.on('-e', '--exec', 'Directly apply the changes to the OAR server') do |e|
options[:exec] = e
opts.on("-d", "--diff [YAML filename]",
"Only generates the minimal list of commands needed to update the site configuration",
"The optional YAML file is suppose to be the output of the 'oarnodes -Y' command.",
"If the file does not exist, the script will get the data from the OAR server and save the result on disk for future use.",
"If no filename is specified, the script will simply connect to the OAR server.",
"You can use the '%s' placeholder for 'site'. Ex: oarnodes-%s.yaml") do |d|
d = true if d == nil
options[:diff] = d
# Write node info
cluster["nodes"].each do |node_uid, node|
pp node_uid
# next unless node_uid == "griffon-1"
node["uid"] = node_uid
node["type"] = "node"
if node.key?("processor")
node["processor"]["cache_l1"] = nil unless node["processor"].key?("cache_l1")
# Add default keys
node["gpu"] = {} unless node.key?("gpu")
node["gpu"]["gpu"] = false unless node["gpu"].key?("gpu")
node["main_memory"] = {} unless node.key?("main_memory")
node["main_memory"]["virtual_size"] = nil unless node["main_memory"].key?("virtual_size")
# node["monitoring"] = {} unless node.key?("monitoring")
# node["monitoring"]["wattmeter"] = false unless node["monitoring"].key?("wattmeter")
# Rename keys
node["storage_devices"] = node.delete("block_devices")
node["network_adapters"] = node.delete("network_interfaces")
if node.key?("chassis")
node["chassis"]["name"] = node["chassis"].delete("product_name")
node["chassis"]["serial"] = node["chassis"].delete("serial_number")
# Type conversion
node["network_adapters"].each { |key, hash| hash["rate"] = hash["rate"].to_i if hash["rate"].is_a?(Float) }
# Convert hashes to arrays
node["storage_devices"].each { |key, hash| node["storage_devices"][key]["device"] = key; } # Add "device: sdX" within the hash
node["storage_devices"] = node["storage_devices"].sort_by_array(["sda", "sdb", "sdc", "sdd", "sde"]).values
node["network_adapters"].each { |key, hash| node["network_adapters"][key]["device"] = key; } # Add "device: ethX" within the hash
node["network_adapters"] = node["network_adapters"].sort_by_array(["eth0", "eth1", "eth2", "eth3", "ib0", "ib1", "ib2", "ib3", "bmc"]).values
# Populate "network_address", "switch" and "switch_port" from the network equipment description for each network adapters
node["network_adapters"].each { |network_adapter|
# ib properties
network_adapter["ib_switch_card"] = network_adapter.delete("line_card") if network_adapter.key?("line_card")
network_adapter["ib_switch_card_pos"] = network_adapter.delete("position") if network_adapter.key?("position")
next unless network_adapter["enabled"]
# Management network_adapter (bmc)
if network_adapter["management"]
network_adapter["network_address"] = "#{node_uid}-bmc.#{site_uid}"
# if network_adapter["network_address"] or network_adapter["switch"] or network_adapter["switch_port"]
# pp "Warning: network_address, switch or switch_port defined manually for (#{node_uid}, #{network_adapter["device"]})"
# pp "#{network_adapter["network_address"]}, #{network_adapter["switch"]} or #{network_adapter["switch_port"]}"
# end
if network_adapter["mounted"] and /^eth[0-9]$/.match(network_adapter["device"])
# Primary network_adapter
network_adapter["network_address"] = "#{node_uid}.#{site_uid}"
# Interface may not be specified in Network Reference for primary network_adapter
network_adapter["switch"], network_adapter["switch_port"] = net_switch_port_lookup(site, node_uid, network_adapter["device"]) || net_switch_port_lookup(site, node_uid)
# network_adapter["bridged"] = true # TODO?
# if network_adapter["bridged"]
# Secondary network_adapter(s)
network_adapter["network_address"] = "#{node_uid}-#{network_adapter["device"]}.#{site_uid}"
switch, port = net_switch_port_lookup(site, node_uid, network_adapter["device"])
network_adapter["switch"] = switch if switch
network_adapter["switch_port"] = port if port
# end
if node.key?("sensors") and node.key?("pdu") and node["pdu"].key?("pdu_name")
node["sensors"]["power"] = {} unless node["sensors"].key?("power")
node["sensors"]["power"]["via"] = {} unless node["sensors"]["power"].key?("via")
node["sensors"]["power"]["via"]["pdu"] = [] unless node["sensors"]["power"]["via"].key?("pdu")
node["sensors"]["power"]["via"]["pdu"][0] = {} unless node["sensors"]["power"]["via"]["pdu"].size > 0
node["sensors"]["power"]["via"]["pdu"][0]["uid"] = node["pdu"]["pdu_name"]
node["sensors"]["power"]["via"]["pdu"][0]["port"] = node["pdu"]["pdu_position"] if node["pdu"].key?("pdu_position")
#pp cluster_path.join("nodes","#{node_uid}.json")
write_json(cluster_path.join("nodes","#{node_uid}.json"), node)
# opts.on("-n", "--dry-run", "Perform a trial run with no changes made") do |n|
# options[:dryrun] = n
# end
opts.separator ""
opts.separator "Common options:"
opts.on("-v", "--[no-]verbose", "Run verbosely") do |v|
options[:verbose] = v
# Print an options summary.
opts.on_tail("-h", "--help", "Show this message") do
puts opts
pp options
# Option
site_uid = 'nancy'
nodelist_properties = {}
# Get the OAR properties from the reference-repo
global_hash = load_yaml_file_hierarchy('../../input/grid5000/')
nodelist_properties["ref"] = get_nodelist_properties(site_uid, global_hash["sites"][site_uid])
# Get the current OAR properties from the OAR scheduler
# This is only needed for the -d option
nodelist_properties["oar"] = {}
if options[:diff]
filename = options[:diff].is_a?(String) ? options[:diff].gsub("%s", site_uid) : nil
nodelist_properties["oar"] = oarcmd_get_nodelist_properties(site_uid, filename)
# Diff
node_properties = {}
node_properties["ref"] = nodelist_properties["ref"]["graphene-1"]
node_properties["oar"] = nodelist_properties["oar"]["graphene-1"]
diff = diff_node_properties(node_properties["ref"], node_properties["oar"])
diff_keys ={ |hashdiff_array| hashdiff_array[1] }
node_properties["to_be_updated"] = node_properties["ref"].select { |key, value| diff_keys.include?(key) }
# Example
puts oarcmd_set_node_properties("graphene-1", node_properties["oar"])
puts oarcmd_set_node_properties("graphene-1", node_properties["to_be_updated"])
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