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Corrections for bug reference 5912 complete with unit tests

MARGERY David requested to merge nirvanesque:bugs/#5912 into master

Created by: nirvanesque


Please accept proposed corrections to bug ref. 5912.

Please note the following :

  1. The exception handling introduced involves changes in superclass ApplicationController which are reflected in the functions of subclass JobsController. Changes may be required also in sister class DeploymentsController to use / upgrade to new functionalities.
  2. Nevertheless, DeploymentsController unit tests were also checked - no new errors introduced. Mino cosmetic corrections were made to unit test error messages. They have not been committed in this pull request. If needed to introduce, please let me know and I will create a new pull request.
  3. There are other failing unit tests in DeploymentsController (from previous corrections). They can be taken up separately w.r.t any bugs detected for deployments functionalities.

Please let me know if you need further clarifications on this pull request.

Best ! Anirvan

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