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    Changed to GPLv3. · 295f8cf7
    Emmanuel Thomé authored
    Updated copyright lines and dates in source files. Used automated scripts
    for that.
    for f in $(git ls-files '*.c') ; do echo -ne "$f\t" ; git log --follow --pretty=format:%ad $f | perl -ne '/(20\d\d)/ && print "$1\n";' | uniq | tac  | xargs perl -e 'print join(", ", @ARGV), "\n";' ; done  | while read f dates ; do sed -e 's/^\( *Copyright\) *[0-9, ]*$/\1 '"$dates/" -i $f  ; done
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// e5c1114b-a573-4582-9dac-f72f410959ce
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