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Explain where resolution comes from

parent 401dc4cf
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
"This class:\n",
"* Should get a constructor which sets the resolution.\n",
"* Should get a constructor which sets the resolution (known as `maximum_error_index` in the previous exercice).\n",
"* Includes a protected method named `PrintLine()` that will replace the `print_line()` we introduced in previous exercice.\n",
"The constructors of derived classes will of course have to be modified accordingly: so far we relied on default ones."
......@@ -311,14 +311,14 @@
"kernelspec": {
"display_name": "C++17",
"language": "C++17",
"name": "xeus-cling-cpp17"
"name": "xcpp17"
"language_info": {
"codemirror_mode": "text/x-c++src",
"file_extension": ".cpp",
"mimetype": "text/x-c++src",
"name": "c++",
"version": "-std=c++17"
"version": "17"
"latex_envs": {
"LaTeX_envs_menu_present": true,
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