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Integration tests + CI : CMake -> pytest

Millian Poquet requested to merge pytest into master

This branch reimplements Batsim integration tests with pytest instead of CMake.
This should permit to finally use Meson instead of CMake!

Modification overview.

Pros of using pytest over CMake.

  • Maintainability++. @cmommess will no longer have "CMake is terrible" excuse to not write tests!
  • Fixtures are amazing.
  • Mature, convenient and powerful runtime engine.
  • HTML reports are convenient to inspect an instance that failed.
  • Integration tests can be fully separated from the Batsim binary. This permits a very clean test workflow.
  • Tests can be skipped or marked as expected to fail.
    • Permits to keep instances known to fail in the test suite and to follow their evolution.

Things lost in the process.

  • Tests cannot be executed in parallel for now. @mmercier suggested to use unix sockets in the output directory of each test to fix this.
  • Unittests are no longer executed. Current unittests are very insufficient, ugly and should be rewritten — this will be for another issue/MR.
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