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Add doc for comparison mode

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......@@ -600,6 +600,18 @@ class VARNA:
class Comparison(VARNA):
def __init__(self, seq1, structure1, seq2, structure2):
"""Drawing of two aligned RNAs.
Unlike classic [VARNA][varnaapi.VARNA.\_\_init\_\_] mode,
both sequences and structures __MUST__ be specified and have the same size.
Additionally, the merged secondary structures must currently be without any crossing
interactions (e.g. pseudoknots), and merging them should give a secondary structure.
Gap character is `.`.
seq1 (str): Sets the gapped nucleotide sequence for the first RNA sequence
structure1 (str): Sets the first secondary structure in Dot-Bracket Notation
seq2 (str): Sets the gapped nucleotide sequence for the second sequence
strcuture2 (str): Sets the second secondary structure in Doc-Bracket Notation
if not (len(seq1) == len(structure1) == len(seq2) == len(structure2)):
raise Exception("All length should be equal")
self.seq1 = seq1
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