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Code for comparison mode

parent 91ecb4a0
......@@ -596,3 +596,21 @@ class VARNA:
def __repr__(self):
return repr((self.format_structure(),self.sequence))
class Comparison(VARNA):
def __init__(self, seq1, structure1, seq2, structure2):
if not (len(seq1) == len(structure1) == len(seq2) == len(structure2)):
raise Exception("All length should be equal")
self.seq1 = seq1
self.structure1 = structure1
self.seq2 = seq2
self.structure2 = structure2
self.length = len(seq1)
def _gen_input_cmd(self):
return " -comparisonMode True -firstSequence \"{}\" -firstStructure \"{}\" -secondSequence \"{}\" -secondStructure \"{}\"".format(self.seq1, self.structure1, self.seq2, self.structure2)
def __repr__(self):
return repr((self.seq1, self.structure1, self.seq2, self.structure2))
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