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    #1398 Change teat utility used from Catch2 to Boost.Test. · 28057a71
    GILLES Sebastien authored
    The reason for the change was partly bug #1363: tests were failing for macOS / shared library / release mode solely due to an internal error of Catch2.
    Now we need to have Boost Test installed (as usual ThirdPartyCompilationLibrary facility provides it).
    I also used the modifications to refresh the way tests were written:
    - Fixture are now handled in a much better way; in peculiar some tests no longer required a fake model and its equally fake Lua file to proceed.
    - The model tests have been refined to provide more information in case of failure (the complete path of the files that might not be equal are now directly given).
    - Mpi fixture is now working completely: you may define several test suites in an executable without having it fail (previously it was the case only for the full-fledged model fixture).
    This commit is unusually big for me, but that is due to the fact with macro everywhere in both Boost.Test and Catch2 I had rather not used them at the same time.
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