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......@@ -3,6 +3,74 @@ means week 46 of year 2013. Should a second tag be given the same week, an index
Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v20.27
_Note:_ this release requires the version [v20.24]( of third party libraries: a new test about a PETSc wrapper fail with PETSc 3.12 (with a message the functionality is missing for a given type of matrix) but works as expected with 3.13.
## Model - two step parallelism
- Feature #1443: Two step parallelism now works - but currently you still need to prepare the data in parallel.
- Bug #1522: Mesh constructor from prepartitioned data was poorly implemented and was not working as expected for higher order.
- Feature #1531: Adapt FromVertexMatching operator to two step parallelism
## Operators
- Feature #1520 Implement a utility operator to write out local quadrature points into global coordinates.
## Geometry
- Design #1528: Go back to using shared_ptr for Coords.
- Bug #1526: The geometric elements related to boundary conditions were not properly kept during the reduction process in a parallel run.
## Core
- Support #1524: Remove most of the mandatory fields in input data.
## Utilities
- Support #1537: Add a create_if_necessary behaviour for FilesystemNS::Directory, and clarify ignore one.
- Support #1538: Use optional instead of unique_ptr for behaviour in FilesystemNS::Directory constructor, which makes a much leaner interface.
- Support #1539: Add tests for functions defined in Utilities::String - and modify slightly ConvertCharArray() to make it pass the test (one line was undue...).
- Support #1540 Add a Split() utility function for strings.
## ThirdParty
- Support #1532 Petsc wrapper: Refactor slightly the possible viewers to add more safety and enable reloading a matrix from a file
- Feature #1533: Add a PETSc wrapper around MatEqual.
- __Design #1535__: For PETSc Matrix And Vector, Internal() is no longer const.
- __Design #1536__: Remove MatrixOperations that were half baked and not used (to my knowledge).
## PostProcessing
- Bug #1519: The case of an Unknown present in several NumberingSubset was not properly foreseen.
## CI
- Support #1523: Replace the Alpine Docker image by a Fedora one.
- Support #1272 - #1534 Reactivate tests that were manual ones and were never updated after the test toochain was introduced (respectively about input data and PETSc matrix operations).
- Support #1525: Apply #1524 to PETSc VectorIO test: it no longer uses up a Model under the hood - instead a much lighter ToyModel class is used - and this class inherits from nothing.
- Support #1542: If a branch name includes 'nobuild', the build_and_test and check_warnings stages are skipped.
- Support #1541: Some modifications to make the analysis tools work properly (Valgrind test will nonetheless be in orange: the new version
of one of the library (probably Openmpi) gets a tiny memory leak (8o...) that I can't suppress due to a lack of information.
## ModelInstances
- Support #1530: Reduce the number of time iterations in hyperelastic model.
## Miscellaneous
- Bug #1527 In script, use the intended third party libraries (previously it was always the one chosen for release mode that was used).
- Support #1528: Modifications related to the upgrade of most of the third-party librairies (tag v20.24]( of [ThirdPartyCompilationFctory]( ).
# v20.18
_An improvement of #1506 that arrived just after the release of v20.17:_
......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ namespace MoReFEM::TestNS::GlobalCoordsQuadPt
void CheckQuadratureRule(const QuadratureRulePerTopology& quadrature_rule_per_topology,
const ParameterAtQuadraturePoint<ParameterNS::Type::vector>& obtained_global_coords,
const FilesystemNS::Directory& result_directory_path,
std::string_view quadrature_order)
std::string_view filename)
decltype(auto) domain = DomainManager::GetInstance(__FILE__, __LINE__)
.GetDomain(EnumUnderlyingType(DomainIndex::domain), __FILE__, __LINE__);
......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ namespace MoReFEM::TestNS::GlobalCoordsQuadPt
const auto obtained_global_coords_as_vector =
const auto end_obtained = obtained_global_coords_as_vector.cend();
......@@ -157,9 +157,10 @@ namespace MoReFEM::TestNS::GlobalCoordsQuadPt
* \brief Checks that the global coordinates for the quadrature given as argument are the expected ones.
* \param[in] quadrature_rule_per_topology \a QuadratureRule fow which the check is done for each topology.
* \param[in] filename Name of the file into which the data will be written; this file will be put in the directory pointed by \a GetOutputDirectory().
void CheckQuadrature(const QuadratureRulePerTopology* const quadrature_rule_per_topology,
std::string_view quadrature_order) const;
std::string_view filename) const;
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