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    [WIP] TEST. Not intended to be merged. · 8511e56d
    Sylvain Dailler authored
    The idea is to change the pairing so that it is better when only axioms
    change. In the extreme case, the goal is unchanged.
    The first idea is to add a separator when printing the shape so that goal
    and hypothesis are separated.
    When pairing shape, the first sorting is done only on goals. Then, we try
    to add to the PQ all the elements that have the same goal shape. I say
    that some goals that are very close would not be directly next to each
    other with the current algorithm: we give them a chance to evaluate their
    measure (lcp) before elements are withdrawn.
    Then, we also tried to change lcp in case the goal is slightly changed but
    an hypothesis is changed too. If the goal change slightly in the same way
    for a lot of tasks, currently the (lcp Old New) value is always the same.
    The idea is to transform the lcp into a lcp_list which compare the goal
    like lcp and then compare each hypothesis like lcp. So, we hope that when
    the goal differs the same for two New goals compared to one Old, the right
    one will be taken because it differs the same way on the hypothesis.
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