Commit b4202fbe authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Pmodule: cloned functions may perform deep writes in added fields

parent 32ade6ee
......@@ -785,11 +785,15 @@ let clone_cty cl sm ?(drop_decr=false) cty =
let sof_reg' = Spv.of_list s'.its_ofields in
let sof_reg = Spv.of_list reg.reg_its.its_ofields in
let sof_ref = Spv.fold add_fd sof_reg Spv.empty in
let sbs = its_match_regs s' reg'.reg_args reg'.reg_regs in
let add_reg m r = if Sreg.mem r frz then m else
Mreg.add r (Spv.of_list r.reg_its.its_mfields) m in
let add_fd f m = ity_exp_fold add_reg m (ity_full_inst sbs f.pv_ity) in
Spv.fold add_fd (Spv.diff sof_reg' sof_ref) m in
let rec add_ofds r ofds m = if Spv.is_empty ofds then m else
let sbs = its_match_regs r.reg_its r.reg_args r.reg_regs in
let add_ofd f m =
ity_exp_fold add_ofd_reg m (ity_full_inst sbs f.pv_ity) in
Spv.fold add_ofd ofds m
and add_ofd_reg m r = if Sreg.mem r frz then m else
add_ofds r (Spv.of_list r.reg_its.its_ofields)
(Mreg.add r (Spv.of_list r.reg_its.its_mfields) m) in
add_ofds reg' (Spv.diff sof_reg' sof_ref) m in
let writes = Mreg.fold add_write cty.cty_effect.eff_writes Mreg.empty in
let add_reset reg s = Sreg.add (clone_reg cl reg) s in
let resets = Sreg.fold add_reset cty.cty_effect.eff_resets Sreg.empty in
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