Commit ac9a4e43 authored by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre's avatar Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
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fixed installation when PVS is detected

parent 4a863010
......@@ -979,13 +979,11 @@ drivers/pvs-realizations.aux: Makefile
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/int
cp $(PVSLIBS_INT) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/int/
cp $(addsuffix .pvs, $(PVSLIBS_INT)) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/int/
cp $(addsuffix .prf, $(PVSLIBS_INT)) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/int/
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/real
cp $(PVSLIBS_REAL) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/real/
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/list
cp $(PVSLIBS_LIST) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/list/
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/number
cp $(PVSLIBS_NUMBER) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/number/
cp $(addsuffix .pvs, $(PVSLIBS_REAL)) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/real/
cp $(addsuffix .prf, $(PVSLIBS_REAL)) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/real/
ifeq (@enable_pvs_nasa_libs@,yes)
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/floating_point/
cp $(PVSLIBS_FP) $(LIBDIR)/why3/pvs/
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