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......@@ -2,4 +2,64 @@
\index{Coq proof assistant}
\why\ provides a Coq tactic to call external theorem provers as oracles.
You need Coq version 8.3 or greater. If this is the case, \why's
configuration detects it, then compiles and installs the Coq tactic.
The Coq tactic is installed in
where \textit{why3-lib-dir} is \why's library directory, that is typically
\texttt{/usr/lib/why3} or \texttt{/usr/local/lib/why3}. This directory
is automatically added to Coq's load path if you are
calling Coq via \why (from \texttt{why3ide}, \texttt{why3replayer},
etc.). If you are calling Coq by yourself, you need to add
this directory to Coq's load path, either using Coq's command line
option \texttt{-I} or by adding
\verb+Add LoadPath "+\textit{why3-lib-dir}\verb+/coq-tactic/".+
to your \texttt{\~{}/.coqrc} resource file.
The Coq tactic is called \texttt{why3} and is used as follows:
\texttt{why3} \verb+"+\textit{prover-name}\verb+"+
$[$\texttt{timelimit} \textit{n}$]$.
The string \textit{prover-name} identifies one of the automated theorem provers
supported by \why, as reported by \verb+why3 --list-provers+.
The current goal is then translated to \why's logic and the prover is
called. If it reports the goal to be valid, then Coq's \texttt{admit}
tactic is used to assume the goal. The prover is called with a time
limit in seconds as given by \why's configuration file
(see page~\pageref{sec:whyconffile}). A different value may be given
using the \texttt{timelimit} keyword.
\paragraph{Error messages.} The following errors may be reported by
the Coq tactic.
\item[\texttt{Not a first order goal}] ~\par
The Coq goal could not be translated to \why's logic.
\item[\texttt{Timeout}] ~\par
There was no answer from the prover within the given time limit.
\item[\texttt{Don't know}] ~\par
The prover stopped without validating the goal.
\item[\texttt{Invalid}] ~\par
The prover stopped, reporting the goal to be invalid.
\item[\texttt{Failure}] ~\par
The prover failed. Depending on the message that follows, you may
want to file a bug report, either to the \why\ developers or to the
prover developers.
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% compile-command: "make -C .. doc"
%%% TeX-PDF-mode: t
%%% TeX-master: "manual"
%%% End:
......@@ -846,6 +846,7 @@ to verified goals.
\section{The \texttt{why3.conf} configuration file}
\index{why3.conf@\texttt{why3.conf}}\index{configuration file}
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ Axiom Power_s : forall (x:Z) (n:Z), (0%Z < n)%Z -> ((power x
Axiom Power_1 : forall (x:Z), ((power x 1%Z) = x).
Require Import Why3.
(* Why3 goal *)
Theorem Power_sum : forall (x:Z) (n:Z) (m:Z), (0%Z <= n)%Z ->
((0%Z <= m)%Z -> ((power x (n + m)%Z) = ((power x n) * (power x m))%Z)).
......@@ -21,11 +23,8 @@ intros x n m Hn Hm.
generalize Hm.
pattern m.
apply Z_lt_induction; auto.
why3 "alt-ergo".
ca marche !!
intros n0 Hind Hn0.
assert (h:(n0 = 0 \/ n0 > 0)%Z) by omega.
destruct h.
......@@ -36,6 +35,7 @@ rewrite Hind; auto with zarith.
rewrite (Power_s x n0).
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -160,13 +160,8 @@ Definition range(a:(map Z Z)) (n:Z): Prop := forall (i:Z), ((0%Z <= i)%Z /\
Axiom injective_surjective : forall (a:(map Z Z)) (n:Z), (injective a n) ->
((range a n) -> (surjective a n)).
Add LoadPath "~/why3/src/coq-plugin".
Declare ML Module "whytac".
Ltac ae := why3 "alt-ergo".
Require Import Why3.
Ltac ae := why3 "alt-ergo".
(* Why3 goal *)
Theorem permutation : forall (a:Type), forall (a1:(sparse_array a)),
......@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@
shape="ais_eltV0V1Iainfix &lt;V1alengthV0Aainfix &lt;=c0V1FIainfix =acardV0alengthV0Iasa_invV0F">
<result status="valid" time="1.10"/>
<result status="valid" time="1.15"/>
Declare ML Module "why3tac".
Ltac ae := why3 "alt-ergo".
Ltac Z3 := why3 "z3-2".
Ltac spass := why3 "spass".
......@@ -24,4 +24,5 @@ open Why3tac
[ "why3" string(s) ] -> [ why3tac s ]
| [ "why3" string(s) "timelimit" integer(n) ] -> [ why3tac ~timelimit:n s ]
......@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Require Export ZArith.
Open Scope Z_scope.
Require Export List.
Ltac ae := why3 "alt-ergo".
Section S0.
Variable a:Set->Set.
......@@ -1085,7 +1085,7 @@ let tr_top_decl = function
| _, Lib.ClosedSection _
| _, Lib.FrozenState _ -> ()
let why3tac s gl =
let why3tac ?(timelimit=timelimit) s gl =
(* print_dep Format.err_formatter; *)
let concl_type = pf_type_of gl (pf_concl gl) in
if not (is_Prop concl_type) then error "Conclusion is not a Prop";
......@@ -1113,6 +1113,13 @@ let why3tac s gl =
| NotFO ->
if debug then Printexc.print_backtrace stderr; flush stderr;
error "Not a first order goal"
| Whyconf.ProverNotFound (_, s) ->
let pl = Mprover.fold (fun _ p l -> :: l)
(get_provers config) [] in
let msg = pr_str "No such prover `" ++ pr_str s ++ pr_str "'." ++
pr_spc () ++ pr_str "Available provers are:" ++ pr_fnl () ++
prlist (fun s -> pr_str s ++ pr_fnl ()) (List.rev pl) in
errorlabstrm "Whyconf.ProverNotFound" msg
| e ->
Printexc.print_backtrace stderr; flush stderr;
Format.eprintf "@[exception: %a@]@." Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
......@@ -1120,6 +1127,6 @@ let why3tac s gl =
Local Variables:
compile-command: "unset LANG; make -C ../.. src/coq-plugin/why3tac.cmxs"
compile-command: "unset LANG; make -C ../.. lib/coq-tactic/why3tac.cmxs"
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