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isabelle proof in progress

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......@@ -155,7 +155,26 @@ why3_vc Mod_bound using assms by (simp_all add: emod_def)
why3_vc Div_unique using assms
(* "0 < y \<rightarrow> q * y \<le> x < q * y + y \<rightarrow> x ediv y = q"
proof -
have h0: "y \<noteq> 0" using H1 by fastforce
have h1: "x = y * (x ediv y) + (x emod y)" using h0 Div_mod by blast
have h2: "0 \<le> x emod y \<and> x emod y < y" using assms H1 h0 Mod_bound zabs_def
by (metis abs_sgn monoid_mult_class.mult.right_neutral sgn_pos)
have "x - y < y * (x ediv y)" using h1 h2 by linarith
have "y * (x ediv y) \<le> x" using h1 h2 by linarith
assume h3: "x ediv y \<ge> q+1"
have "y * (x ediv y) >= y * (q + 1)" using h3 assms
by auto
(cases "x ediv y \<ge> q")
case False
"0 < y \<rightarrow> q * y \<le> x < q * y + y \<rightarrow> x ediv y = q"
we have "x = y * (x ediv y) + (x emod y)" by Div_mod
we have "0 \<le> x emod y < y" by Mod_bound
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