Commit 6a95dc42 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Alternative icons: installation, legend

parent db6b1d16
......@@ -213,6 +213,8 @@ clean::
mkdir -p $(BINDIR)
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/images
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/images/boomy
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/images/fatcow
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/emacs
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/lang
mkdir -p $(DATADIR)/why3/theories
......@@ -222,7 +224,10 @@ install_no_local::
cp -f modules/*.mlw $(DATADIR)/why3/modules
cp -f drivers/*.drv drivers/*.gen $(DATADIR)/why3/drivers
cp -f share/provers-detection-data.conf $(DATADIR)/why3/
cp -f share/images/icons.rc $(DATADIR)/why3/images
cp -f share/images/*.png $(DATADIR)/why3/images
cp -f share/images/boomy/*.png $(DATADIR)/why3/images/boomy
cp -f share/images/fatcow/*.png $(DATADIR)/why3/images/fatcow
cp -f share/why3session.dtd $(DATADIR)/why3
cp -rf share/javascript $(DATADIR)/why3/javascript
cp -f share/emacs/why.el $(DATADIR)/why3/emacs/why.el
......@@ -1319,7 +1324,8 @@ DISTRIB_FILES = Version configure \
share/javascript/themes/default/*.gif \
share/javascript/themes/default/*.png \
share/javascript/themes/default/*.css \
share/emacs/why.el share/images/*.png share/lang/*.lang \
share/emacs/why.el share/lang/*.lang \
share/images/icons.rc share/images/*.png share/images/*/*.png \
share/bash/why3 share/zsh/_why3 share/vim/why3.vim
......@@ -495,16 +495,16 @@ let show_legend_window () =
ib image_transf;
i " Transformation\n";
it "Status column\n";
ib image_undone;
i " External proof attempt not done\n";
ib image_scheduled;
i " Scheduled external proof attempt\n";
ib image_running;
i " Running external proof attempt\n";
ib image_valid;
i " Goal is proved / Theory is fully verified\n";
ib image_invalid;
i " External prover disproved the goal\n";
ib image_timeout;
i " External prover reached the time limit\n";
ib image_outofmemory;
......@@ -513,6 +513,14 @@ let show_legend_window () =
i " External prover answer not conclusive\n";
ib image_failure;
i " External prover call failed\n";
ib image_valid_obs;
i " Valid but obsolete result\n";
ib image_unknown_obs;
i " Answer not conclusive and obsolete\n";
ib image_invalid_obs;
i " Prover disproved goal, but obsolete\n";
ib image_failure_obs;
i " External prover call failed, obsolete\n";
dialog#add_button "Close" `CLOSE ;
let t = b#create_tag [`LEFT_MARGIN 10; `RIGHT_MARGIN 10 ] in
b#apply_tag t ~start:b#start_iter ~stop:b#end_iter;
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