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Commit 527ed884 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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TryWhy3: nicer error messages + one built-in example

parent d3373d05
let examples =
["Drinkers paradox",
"theory T
(** Type of all persons *)
type person
(** Predicate saying that some person drinks *)
predicate drinks person
(** Paradox: there exists a person x such that if x drinks,
then everybody drinks *)
goal drinkers_paradox: exists x:person. drinks x -> forall y:person. drinks y
(** Rendering in the browser *)
module D = Dom_html
let d = D.document
......@@ -17,19 +39,33 @@ let replace_child p n =
let temp_file_name = "/input.mlw"
let () =
Sys_js.register_file ~name:temp_file_name ~content:"";
open Why3
let run textbox preview _ =
let text = Js.to_string (textbox##value) in
Sys_js.register_file ~name:temp_file_name ~content:text;
let ch = open_out temp_file_name in
output_string ch text;
close_out ch;
let env = Env.create_env [] in
let answer =
let _x = Env.read_file Env.base_language env temp_file_name in
"parsing OK"
with e ->
"parsing and typing OK"
| Loc.Located(loc,Parser.Error) ->
let (_,l,b,e) = Loc.get loc in
Pp.sprintf "syntax error line %d, columns %d-%d" l b e
| Loc.Located(loc,e') ->
let (_,l,b,e) = Loc.get loc in
"exception raised in parsing: %a" Exn_printer.exn_printer e
"error line %d, columns %d-%d: %a" l b e Exn_printer.exn_printer e'
| e ->
"unexpected exception: %a (%s)" Exn_printer.exn_printer e
(Printexc.to_string e)
replace_child preview (html_of_string answer);
......@@ -38,20 +74,35 @@ let onload (_event : #Dom_html.event Js.t) : bool Js.t =
let body =
Js.Opt.get (d##getElementById(Js.string "trywhy3"))
(fun () -> assert false) in
(* first, the textbox *)
let textbox = D.createTextarea d in
textbox##rows <- 20; textbox##cols <- 100;
Dom.appendChild body textbox;
Dom.appendChild body (D.createBr d);
(* second, the example buttons *)
(fun (name,text) ->
let b = D.createButton ~name:(Js.string name) d in
b##textContent <- Js.some (Js.string name);
Dom.appendChild body b;
b##onclick <-
(fun _ ->
textbox##textContent <- Js.some (Js.string text);
Dom.appendChild body (D.createBr d);
(* third, the go button *)
let go = D.createButton ~name:(Js.string "go") d in
go##textContent <- Js.some (Js.string "Go");
Dom.appendChild body go;
Dom.appendChild body (D.createBr d);
(* then, the answer zone *)
let preview = D.createDiv d in
go##onclick <- D.handler (run textbox preview);
preview##style##border <- Js.string "1px black";
preview##style##padding <- Js.string "5px";
Dom.appendChild body textbox;
Dom.appendChild body (D.createBr d);
Dom.appendChild body go;
Dom.appendChild body (D.createBr d);
Dom.appendChild body preview;
replace_child preview (html_of_string "(Answer)");
go##onclick <- D.handler (run textbox preview);
let _ = D.window##onload <- D.handler onload
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