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    Improve installation targets (fixes issue #74). · a3b55e3d
    Guillaume Melquiond authored
    - The install and install-lib targets no longer remove existing files
      automatically. Use uninstall instead.
    - Dedicated install targets have been added: install-bin, install-data,
      install-emacs, install-bash, install-coq-tactic, install-coq,
      install-pvs, install-isabelle, install-framac.
    - Dedicated uninstall targets have been added: uninstall-bin,
      uninstall-lib, uninstall-emacs, uninstall-bash, uninstall-framac.
      (Other uninstall targets are covered by plain uninstall.)
    - The install target depends on all the install-* targets, except for
    - The install and install-lib targets now work in local mode too. In that
      case, the install target does not depend on the install-bin and
      install-data targets.
    - The uninstall target depends on all the uninstall-* targets, including
      uninstall-lib. In local mode, dependencies on uninstall-bin and
      uninstall-data are ignored.
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