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    add the option --realize to Main · 9ab0704b
    Andrei Paskevich authored
    How to use it:
        why3 --realize -D drivers/coq-realize.drv -T real.Real -o .
            produces Real.v in the current directory
        why3 --realize -D drivers/coq-realize.drv -T real.Real
            produces real/Real.v in the loadpath near real.why
            (the directory "real" must exist)
    If a realization file is already there, it is passed to
    the printer in order to preserve the proofs.
    Instead of -D <driver_file>, you can use -P <prover>,
    if that prover uses a corresponding driver. However,
    the prover itself is not used.
    You can only realize theories from the loadpath.
    At the moment, coq-realize.drv is the only driver
    capable to realize theories in some sensible way.
    For any other driver, the results may be funny.
    Realization of WhyML modules is not possible so far.
    Realization may break if you directories and filenames
    contain non-alphanumeric symbols.
    The whole thing is in very preliminary stage.
    Use with caution.