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    R531-011 declare global queue in request module · 9a4e0d40
    Johannes Kanig authored
    This allows sharing of some code between unix and windows server
    * request.c
    (queue): move global variable here
    (init_request_queue): initialize global queue
    (remove_from_queue): moved here
    * server-unix.c
    (queue): remove global variable
    (server_init_listening): call init_request_queue
    (remove_from_queue): moved from here
    (handle_msg): change call to remove_from_queue, now without queue arg
    * server-win.c
    (queue): remove global variable
    (handle_msg): now call remove_from_queue
    (init): call init_request_queue
    Change-Id: I741b8f958a0678a7acdc0c40a3b6fa72f7fb7a2c
    (cherry picked from commit 77ff3c64d289cb8d3c845f52708fed9155ca49e1)
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