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Add IgReC support

Alexander Shlemov requested to merge igrec_support into dev

At last I've finished with IgReC-to-vidjil-platform integration.

The latest patched IgReC ( should be installed on worker (I suggest /usr/local/bin). The best way to do it is run make tgz in igrec repo root and unpack the content of /packages/igrec-X.X.X-Linux.tar.gz into worker filesystem. Also IgReC requires several python packages:

apt-get install -y python-matplotlib python-biopython python-numpy python-scipy python-pandas python-pip
python -m pip install seaborn

I have already automated IgReC (and even MiXCR) deployment using docker-compose. I will add my Dockerfiles in a separate pull-request.

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