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Version 1.2.0 (for Batsim v2.0.0)

- New algorithms:
  - ``easy_bf_fast``, which is an efficient (usual) implementation of EASY
    backfilling. In contrast with the robust and general ``easy_bf``
    implementation, this one does floating-point computation, only handles
    jobs will walltimes, use ad-hoc structures for its simple backfilling
    mechanism (rather than a general-purpose 2D partition), only handles
    the FCFS queue order (rather than sorting the queue at each event),
    uses the first reservation of the priority job (rather than compressing
    the reservation as soon as possible at each event), and tries to only
    call the needed code depending on which event occured.
  - ``fcfs_fast``, which is essentially ``easy_bf_fast`` without backfilling.