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Batsched version 1.1.0. For Batsim 2.0.0.

- Added minimal bash completion via [taywee/args][taywee/args].
- Added ``--version`` option.
- New algorithms:
  - Crasher, whose purpose is to crash :).
    This is useful to test execution managers.
  - EnergyWatcher, whose purpose is just to query the energy consumption to
  - Random, whose purpose is notably to test time-sharing.
  - Sequencer, which is very simple and whose purpose is to be the base of
    other testing algorithms.
  - WaitingTimeEstimator, whose purpose is only to test the support of the
    ``estimate_waiting_time`` QUERY.

- Batsched arguments are now parsed by [taywee/args][taywee/args]
  rather than [boost::po][boost::po].
- Support Batsim version 2.0.0:
  - two-way QUERY/REPLY (+estimate_waiting_time)
- Changed algorithms:
  - Conservative BF now supports the ``estimate_waiting_time`` QUERY.
  - Filler now supports a custom mapping and setting job metadata.
  - Submitter now supports setting job metadata.