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chore(deps): update dependency com.diffplug.spotless:spotless-maven-plugin to v2.36.0

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
com.diffplug.spotless:spotless-maven-plugin 2.27.2 -> 2.36.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



  • gradlew equoIde opens a repeatable clean Spotless dev environment. (#​1523)
  • cleanthat added includeDraft option, to include draft mutators from composite mutators. (#​1574)
  • npm-based formatters now support caching of node_modules directory (#​1590)
  • JacksonJsonFormatterFunc handles json files with an Array as root. (#​1585)


  • CleanThat Java Refactorer. (#​1560)
  • Introduce LazyArgLogger to allow for lazy evaluation of log messages in slf4j logging. (#​1565)
  • Allow multiple instances of the same npm-based formatter to be used by separating their node_modules directories. (#​1565)
  • ktfmt default style uses correct continuation indent. (#​1562)
  • Bump default ktfmt version to latest 0.42 -> 0.43 (#​1561)
  • Bump default jackson version to latest 2.14.1 -> 2.14.2 (#​1536)


  • Formatter now has a field public static final File NO_FILE_SENTINEL which can be used to pass string content to a Formatter or FormatterStep when there is no actual File to format. (#​1525)


  • ProcessRunner has added some convenience methods so it can be used for maven testing. (#​1496)
  • ProcessRunner allows to limit captured output to a certain number of bytes. (#​1511)
  • ProcessRunner is now capable of handling long-running tasks where waiting for exit is delegated to the caller. (#​1511)
  • Allow to specify node executable for node-based formatters using nodeExecutable parameter (#​1500)
  • The default list of type annotations used by formatAnnotations has had 8 more annotations from the Checker Framework added #​1494
  • POTENTIALLY BREAKING Bump minimum JRE from 8 to 11, next release likely to bump bytecode to Java 11 (#​1514 part 1 of #​1337)
  • Rename YamlJacksonStep into JacksonYamlStep while normalizing Jackson usage (#​1492)
  • Convert gson integration to use a compile-only source set (#​1510).
  • ** POTENTIALLY BREAKING** Removed support for KtLint 0.3x and 0.45.2 (#​1475)
    • KtLint does not maintain a stable API - before this MR, we supported every breaking change in the API since 2019.
    • From now on, we will support no more than 2 breaking changes at a time.
  • NpmFormatterStepStateBase delays npm install call until the formatter is first used. This enables better integration with gradle-node-plugin. (#​1522)
  • Bump default ktlint version to latest 0.48.1 -> 0.48.2 (#​1529)
  • Bump default scalafmt version to latest 3.6.1 -> 3.7.1 (#​1529)


  • Add option editorConfigFile for ktLint #​142
    • POTENTIALLY BREAKING ktlint step now modifies license headers. Make sure to put licenseHeader after ktlint.
  • Added skipLinesMatching option to licenseHeader to support formats where license header cannot be immediately added to the top of the file (e.g. xml, sh). (#​1441).
  • Add YAML support through Jackson (#​1478)
  • Added support for npm-based ESLint-formatter for javascript and typescript (#​1453)
  • Better suggested messages when user's default is set by JVM limitation. (#​995)
  • Support ktlint 0.48+ new rule disabling syntax (#​1456) fixes (#​1444)
  • Fix subgroups leading catch all matcher.
  • Bump default version for prettier from 2.0.5 to 2.8.1 (#​1453)
  • Bump the dev version of Gradle from 7.5.1 to 7.6 (#​1409)
    • We also removed the no-longer-required dependency org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-xml
  • Breaking changes to Spotless' internal testing infrastructure testlib (#​1443)
    • ResourceHarness no longer has any duplicated functionality which was also present in StepHarness
    • StepHarness now operates on Formatter rather than a FormatterStep
    • StepHarnessWithFile now takes a ResourceHarness in its constructor to handle the file manipulation parts
    • Standardized that we test exception messages, not types, which will ease the transition to linting later on
    • Bump default ktlint version to latest 0.47.1 -> 0.48.1 (#​1456)
  • Switch our publishing infrastructure from CircleCI to GitHub Actions (#​1462).
    • Help wanted for moving our tests too (#​1472)


  • importOrder now support groups of imports without blank lines (#​1401)
  • Don't treat @Value as a type annotation #​1367
  • Support ktlint_disabled_rules in ktlint 0.47.x #​1378
  • Share git repositories across projects when using ratchet (#​1426)
  • Bump default ktfmt version to latest 0.40 -> 0.41 (#​1340)
  • Bump default scalafmt version to latest 3.5.9 -> 3.6.1 (#​1373)
  • Bump default diktat version to latest 1.2.3 -> (#​1393)
  • Bump default palantir-java-format version to latest 2.10 -> 2.28 (#​1393)


  • formatAnnotations() step to correct formatting of Java type annotations. It puts type annotations on the same line as the type that they qualify. Run it after a Java formatting step, such as googleJavaFormat(). (#​1275)
  • Bump default ktfmt version to latest 0.39 -> 0.40 (#​1312)
  • Bump default ktlint version to latest 0.46.1 -> 0.47.1 (#​1303)
    • Also restored support for older versions of ktlint back to 0.31.0


  • scalafmt integration now has a configuration option majorScalaVersion that allows you to configure the Scala version that gets resolved from the maven artifact (#​1283)
    • Converted scalafmt integration to use a compile-only source set (fixes #​524)
  • Add the ktlint rule in error messages when ktlint fails to apply a fix (#​1279)
  • Bump default scalafmt to latest 3.0.8 -> 3.5.9 (removed support for pre-3.0.0) (#​1283)


  • Clang and Black no longer break the build when the binary is unavailable, if they will not be run during that build (#​1257).
  • License header support for Kotlin files without package or @file but do at least have import (#​1263).


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