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chore(deps): update testcontainers.version to v1.18.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
org.testcontainers:postgresql (source) 1.17.3 -> 1.18.0 age adoption passing confidence
org.testcontainers:testcontainers (source) 1.17.3 -> 1.18.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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Core module
  • Modules images such as MySQLContainer are now automatically compatible with their corresponding images with the library prefix
MySQLContainer<?> mysql = new MySQLContainer<>("library/mysql");
  • testcontainers/vnc has been bumped to version 1.3.0, which brings ARM support.
  • Goodbye to the whale in the logs. In order to provide an easy way to filter container logs the tc prefix has been added to display all container logs or tc.<image-name:tag> for a specific one. Check the logging docs.
  • There is a new WaitStrategy, ShellStrategy. It can also be used by calling Wait.forSuccessfulCommand(<command>)
New integration

Jib has been integrated to Testcontainers in order to take advantage of the nice API it provides to create containers

GenericContainer<?> busybox = new GenericContainer<>(
                new JibImage(
                    jibContainerBuilder -> {
                        return jibContainerBuilder.setEntrypoint("echo", "Hello World");
                .withStartupCheckStrategy(new OneShotStartupCheckStrategy().withTimeout(Duration.ofSeconds(3)))
New modules 🆕
CrateDB module

In order to use CrateDBContainer , declare the dependency in your pom.xml/build.gradle

testImplementation "org.testcontainers:cratedb:1.18.0"

Choose a crate image version and use it as declared below with your postgres driver

CrateDBContainer cratedb = new CrateDBContainer("crate:5.2.5");
Solace Module

In order to use SolaceContainer , declare the dependency in your pom.xml/build.gradle

testImplementation "org.testcontainers:solace:1.18.0"

Now, you can use a Solace PubSub running in a container and connecting via AMQP by doing the following:

SolaceContainer solace = new SolaceContainer("solace/solace-pubsub-standard:10.2");
Session session = createSession(

More information about SolaceContainer can be found in the documentation.

Container modules

Starting with cockroachdb/cockroach:22.1.0, there is support for setting the username, password and database name via environment variables. Now, the Testcontainers module provides convenient setters:

CockroachContainer cockroach = new CockroachContainer("cockroachdb/cockroach:22.1.0")
GCloud module

Google has released a new image which supports ARM and therefore BigtableEmulatorContainer, DatastoreEmulatorContainer, FirestoreEmulatorContainer, PubSubEmulatorContainer now support it as well.

So, if previously you were doing something like


Now, you can simply do

JUnit Jupiter Module

@Testcontainers offers a new attribute parallel, which start those containers classes annotated by @Container

@&#8203;Testcontainers(parallel = true)
class ParallelTest {

private static final PostgreSQLContainer<?> postgres = new PostgreSQLContainer<>("postgres:15-alpine")
    .withCopyFileToContainer(MountableFile.forClasspathResource("db.sql"), "/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/")

private static final ToxiproxyContainer toxiproxy = new ToxiproxyContainer("")

Kafka Module

Self-managed or Kraft mode (a.k.a Zookeeperless) support has been added

KafkaContainer kafka = new KafkaContainer(DockerImageName.parse("confluentinc/cp-kafka:7.0.1")).withKraft()
LocalStack Module

SERVICES environment variable became optional in version 0.13.0 and instead LocalStack will initialize a service once the first request is served. So, nowadays LocalStackContainer can be used just like this:

LocalStackContainer localstack = new LocalStackContainer("localstack/localstack:2.0.0");

Also, LocalStack module supports version 2.0. It is highly recommended to use the latest version of LocalStack images. Last but not least, dependency on AWS SDK V1 was dropped. So, that means by upgrading to version 1.18.0, the dependency can be removed if not used directly.

MongoDB Module

MongoDBContainer by default has been enabling ReplicaSet mode. Starting in this version, sharding has been added.

MongoDBContainer mongodb = new MongoDBContainer("mongo:6")
Selenium Module

Selenium 4 has built-in support for Microsoft Edge (which is based on Chromium) and now it is supported by BrowserWebDriverContainer as well:

BrowserWebDriverContainer<?> edge = new BrowserWebDriverContainer<>("selenium/standalone-edge:4.8.0")
    .withCapabilities(new EdgeOptions());
️ Breaking API changes
  • Removed deprecated methods and undeclared transitive dependency to AWS SDK v1 (#​5827) @​AB-xdev
  • Move junit-jupiter-api's dependency configuration to implementation (#​5985) @​edysli
🚀 Features & Enhancements
️ Deprecations
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • Short-circuit CompletableFuture returned by Startables#deepStart on exception (#​5930) @​pivovarit
  • fix: Don't return JSON auth config for partial registry name match (#​6323) @​kiview
  • Fix allowInsecure() on HttpWaitStrategy for non-localhost Docker daemon (#​6314) @​kiview


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What's Changed


This release has been made possible through the efforts of 20 contributors. The Testcontainers does not cease to amaze us, thanks to everyone of you and thanks for the ongoing support and collaboration 🥰.

This release brings a lot of database love with 2 new modules, and as always a couple of bug fixes and improvements

New Module: QuestDB (#​5995) @​Vangreen

QuestDB, is a high-performance, open-source SQL database for applications in financial services, IoT, machine learning, DevOps and observability.

var container = new QuestDBContainer("questdb/questdb:6.5.3")
var connectionUrl = container.getHttpUrl()
// use the connectionUrl and start testing!
New Module: YugabyteDB (#​4372) @​srinivasa-vasu

YugabyteDB, is a modern distributed SQL database for transactional cloud native applications. PostgreSQL compatible. It offers two APIs, SQL and CQL.

var container = new YugabyteDBYSQLContainer("yugabytedb/yugabyte:");
var jdbcUrl = container.getJdbcUrl();
// use the jdbcUrl and start testing!
var container = new YugabyteDBYCQLContainer("yugabytedb/yugabyte:");
var contactPoint = container.getContactPoint();
// use the contactPoint and start testing!

🚀 Features & Enhancements

🐛 Bug Fixes

📖 Documentation

🧹 Housekeeping

📦 Dependency updates

9 changes * Ignore updates for org.neo4j:neo4j (#​6112) @​eddumelendez * Combined dependencies MR (#​6210) @​eddumelendez * Combined dependencies MR (#​6205) @​eddumelendez * Combined dependencies MR (#​6173) @​eddumelendez * Combined dependencies MR (#​6153) @​eddumelendez * Combined dependencies MR (#​6150) @​eddumelendez


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What's Changed

Warning Version 1.17.4 was released upgrading slf4j-api to version 2.x. This dependency has been reverted to 1.17.x.

📖 Documentation

📦 Dependency updates


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What's Changed


This release has been made possible through the efforts of whopping 23 contributors, wow! 🤯

Besides 3 new modules, this release brings a couple of bugfixes, improved compatibility and resilience in certain scenarios, better defaults and more configurability.

You might also notice many MRs related to the documentation, templates for MRs and issues, and automation regarding OSS contributions. Testcontainers has always been a project with a lot of involvement by the community and we are very proud of this. That’s why want to make contributing to Testcontainers a great experience, no matter if you raise an issue, submit a MR or initiate a discussion in GitHhub Discussions.

🐼 New Module: Redpanda (#​5740) @​eddumelendez

Redpanda, a Kafka-compatible streaming platform, recently added a special dev-container mode to their container image, that allows even faster startup times. A great reason to work in a Testcontainers module that leverages this flag by default to give you a great integration testing experience when using Redpanda. And of course, using Redpanda with Testcontainers is as easy and convenient as you are used to:

var container = new RedpandaContainer("")
var connectionUrl = container.getBootstrapServers()
// use the connectionUrl and start testing!

You can check out the docs to learn more.

New Module: TiDB (#​5511) @​Icemap

With TiDB, we are adding support for a new database module. As with other databases that can be accessed via JDBC, you can leverage Testcontainers’ special JDBC URL integration:

New Module: Hashicorp Consul (#​4683) @​julb


🚀 Features & Enhancements

🐛 Bug Fixes

📖 Documentation

🧹 Housekeeping

📦 Dependency updates


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